January 2012
Making the blocks
"Geno" Castanguay makes an adjustment to a teflon component of the complex block mold he's working on. Some very precise, high-tech fabrication is coupled with expert attention to detail and the fine tuning skill that can only come from years of experience.
Show and tell
Jeremy Farrow, of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Spencer, Mass., offers a brief demonstration of the tools and techniques he used to machine some of the standard Teflon shapes that were incorporated into the block molds to create the intricate Wright designs.
Take a walk with me
From the western fence on Johnson Avenue, then east along McDonald (the south side of the site) to College Avenue, and north to the fence between the site and the neighbor's house. A cheerful man who graciously allowed us access to get a look from there. You can view all of the individual shots in the January Walkabout gallery.

See more video on the January page of the Month by Month section, and more photos in the January Gallery.
Carpenters join the masons ... briefly
The carpenters have come and gone again, but this time we were there to see some of the action. Carefully cut, neatly positioned, the roof joists over the northwest bedroom were nailed to the support frame. Other areas of the roof structure have also been put up recently. A mason works diligently to remove foam insulation from he perforated blocks. See all the photos in the January Gallery.
Last puzzle piece?
It's really a little farther from finished than that, but a sight like this makes you think it won't be long before all of the blocks are in place. In a way, however, that's just the beginning. All of the perforated blocks will need glass inserts, carpenters will need to add roof beams (and the roof), and all of the interior wood will have to be installed. And landscaping, and furnishings, etc., etc. Check the January Gallery for more photos.
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