June 2011
Getting the color just right is complicated
Father and son, Michael and Joshua Hermann, brought their directional drilling equipment to the site today to bore a four-inch hole for electrical conduit to carry service from the campus. Joshua runs the rig while Michael operates the locator to help steer the drill, which has a small transmitter on the end of the bit.
Watching these guys work to neatly remove the remaining trunk and root ball of the massive, decaying water oak was captivating. Backhoes and bulldozers don't generally conjure images of grace and precision, but as you'll see, their operators control them with an accuracy and effectiveness that makes them seem positively agile and athletic.

As the backhoe nudged the tree into the mouth of the bulldozer it was easy to see an elephant's profile, perhaps harvesting teak or clearing land, or feeding his rival, the hippo!
The "hippo" and the "elephant" give way to a bobcat to clean up and smooth over the site. Setting the stage for the next phases.
It looks like the rainy season rhythm is starting to kick in, so we think we're going to see a lot more of this. Hard work, building stuff in the Florida summer, eh?
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